Why use Microwave Equipment to sterilize traditional Chinese medicines?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a genuine traditional Chinese medicine. It refers to the well-known and genuine medicines with Chinese characteristics, which are traditionally recognized and originated from specific producing areas. In recent years, Chinese herbal medicines have also been an important export commodity for earning foreign exchange. The quality of traditional Chinese medicine depends on its drying and sterilization, so drying and sterilization is an important factor affecting the quality of traditional Chinese medicine.

The drying of traditional Chinese medicines is more often natural drying, but for itself, natural drying can not carry out sterilization treatment, followed by killing the bacteria of traditional Chinese medicines is very important, so in the selection of drying and sterilization equipment of traditional Chinese medicines, most of the manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicines will choose to use microwave insecticidal equipment for drying and sterilization treatment. It is precisely for this reason that the microwave herbal medicine insecticide dryer has become the perfect product in many people’s hearts!

At present, the commonly used drying methods of Chinese medicinal materials are as follows:

1.Air-drying Way

The most common drying method for most medicinal materials is the drying method. We should choose sunny and windy weather to dry, spread the medicinal materials thin and flat on the ground, and use sunlight to illuminate them. At the same time, we should pay attention to turning in time to ensure the uniform sunshine. The air humidity is high at night, so the medicinal herbs should be collected and preserved to prevent moisture return.

microwave equipment sterilize


It is often used in cloudy and rainy weather, or for medicinal materials containing volatile oil, as well as medicinal materials which are easy to walk and discolor, such as jujube kernels, cypress kernels, Zhimu, bitter almond, Codonopsis pilosula, asparagus, hemp kernels, etc. These medicinal materials should not be exposed to the sun, but can be spread out in places where the sun is not strong or where the air is cool.

microwave equipment sterilize

3.Drying Bydrying room

Drying in drying oven is not restricted by the weather and can achieve the effect of insecticide and mildew repellent. However, it needs to be operated by professionals who are familiar with drying technology, and attention should be paid to building drying rooms according to the technical requirements and standards of the specifications. The drying temperature and time should be controlled according to the different properties of medicinal materials.

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4. Far Infrared Heating and Drying

Its drying principle is to convert electric energy into far-infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the molecules of medicinal herbs, generating resonance, causing the vibration and rotation of molecules and atoms, causing the object to become hot, through thermal diffusion, evaporation and chemical changes, and ultimately achieving the purpose of drying.

microwave equipment sterilize

5.Microwave drying equipment

This is a new technology developed rapidly in the 1960s. Microwave insecticidal equipment of traditional Chinese medicines can absorb microwave energy in varying degrees by induction heating and medium heating, and convert it into heat to achieve the purpose of drying. Microwave drying insecticidal machine can kill microorganisms and fungi, and has disinfection effect, so that medicinal materials meet the hygienic standards, meet the GMP certification, and can prevent mildew and insects in the storage process of medicinal materials.

microwave equipment sterilize

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment for Chinese medicinal materials has two main functions:

Rapid drying: First of all, using the basic principle of microwave, polar water molecules and fat in traditional Chinese medicines and processed products can absorb microwave energy in different layers. In AC electric field, due to the change of electric field time, polar molecules produce rotational vibration, resulting in friction between molecules and heat, thus achieving the purpose of drying and sterilization. Because microwave can penetrate into the interior of raw materials, the drying time is usually 1/10~1/100 heated by hot air. Therefore, the loss of volatile substances and aromatic components in traditional Chinese medicine is less. Its characteristics are: fast speed, short time, uniform heating, good product quality and high thermal efficiency.

Bactericidal effect: Microwave sterilization is not affected by the environmental pollution caused by fuel exhaust gas. It can eliminate microbial strains and fungi. It has the function of disinfection and sterilization. It can also prevent mildew and insects. This is a physical sterilization method, it can eradicate bacteria, molds and eggs without adding chemical preservatives, and other microbial strains harmful to the body such as virus infection. In the process of eliminating harmful microorganisms, it will not pollute the residual toxicity of materials or radioactive substances, and it is safe and non-toxic. It will not change the color, taste and nutritional value of the material.

Characteristics of microwave insecticidal equipment for traditional Chinese medicines:

1.Higher drying degree, shorter drying time and faster drying speed.

2.Good drying quality and low temperature sterilization to maintain the internal quality and color of medicinal materials.

3.The drying effect is even and thorough.

4.The structure of drying equipment should be simple, the parts should be simple and standardized, the operation should be convenient, the control system should be easy to use and the maintenance should be convenient.

5.Energy saving and high efficiency. Microwave acts directly on materials, so there is no additional heat loss.

Through the above comparison, we can see why microwave equipment is needed to sterilize traditional Chinese medicines. The microwave insecticide machine of Chinese medicinal materials adopts microwave low temperature insecticide and sterilization technology, which can kill larvae, adults and bacteria at lower temperature. The process of microwave insecticide does not endanger the effective ingredients of Chinese medicinal materials. Compared with conventional thermal and chemical insecticides, it can achieve the desired germicidal and insecticidal effect at lower temperature and in shorter time. Increasing the shelf life of traditional Chinese medicines has obvious effect on improving the quality of products.

Microwave drying is becoming one of the most important drying methods for traditional Chinese medicines because of its advantages of fast drying speed, uniform drying, good product quality, selective heating and drying, high thermal efficiency and sensitive reaction.