What is the difference between natural air-dried chili and dried chili?

chili is an essential spice in life. It can also be supplemented with vitamin E, vitamin K, carotene, folic acid and other vitamins. Chili is spicy, hot, and has a lot of therapeutic effects.

In order to facilitate the long-term storage of peppers, chili growers generally choose to dehydrate and dry the peppers. Generally, there are two commonly used drying methods, one is ordinary drying and the drying of the chili microwave drying machine.

Ordinary drying:
Ordinary drying means that after the pepper is picked, it is placed on a clean ground and irradiated by the sun to finally achieve the purpose of dehydration and drying.
1. Capsicum integrity: However, in repeated work such as tiling or bad weather, it is necessary to gather and spread the sun, which will cause the rate of breakage of pepper to increase.
2. Color difference: Normally drying the pepper directly uses sunlight and natural wind to dry. The temperature and humidity of the environment and the weather conditions will affect the coloration of the pepper, and the color of the pepper will be different after drying.
3. Preservation flavor: The ordinary drying of the pepper is through natural drying, although the color integrity is not ideal, but can retain the original flavor of the pepper.
4. Nutritional value: The drying conditions of ordinary dried peppers are unstable, which will cause a lot of loss of most nutrients and vitamins in the peppers, and there is no way to control them. This is also the drawback of the natural drying method of drying peppers.

 chili microwave drying machine

chili microwave drying:
Drying of chili microwave dryer refers to the rapid drying of pepper by using the modern drying machine and the drying method of heat source to reach the finished product of pepper dry material.
1. The microwave drying equipment adopts closed drying, and the dry environment is not affected by the weather. During the drying process, different chili drying methods are selected according to the different water content of the chili characteristics, and the drying process is reasonably controlled such as drying temperature and drying time. Such a dry chili color is good to sell and is favored by the market.
2. Drying with a chili dryer, the drying process is perfect, the method is scientific, and the pepper is evenly dried, so the integrity of the pepper is completely preserved.
3. The dried chili peppers are dried by microwave pepper drying equipment. The drying time is complete and the drying process is scientific. Therefore, the flavor of pepper is better than that of ordinary drying. The chili is rich in spicy taste and better in quality.
4. The dried chili can be controlled because of the temperature and dry environment, so it can fundamentally ensure the preservation of the nutrients of the chili after drying.

 chili microwave drying machine

Chili microwave dryer working principle:
The main principle is to evenly spread the material on the mesh belt. The mesh belt adopts a 12-60 mesh steel mesh belt, which is moved by the transmission device to move back and forth in the dryer. The hot air flows through the material, and the water vapor passes from Discharged in the wet hole to achieve the purpose of drying, the length of the box is composed of standard sections. In order to save the space, the dryer can be made into a multi-layer type. The common ones are two-room three-layer, two-bedroom five-layer, and length 6. -40m, effective width 0.6-3.0m.

The characteristics of Drying Chili by chili microwave dryer :

1.Rapid heating, uniform heating, fast drying speed and good product quality. Microwave penetration is very strong, can directly penetrate the pepper, is absorbed by the polar molecules in the pepper and rapidly heats up, no heat conduction process, so the product can be dried in a very short time; because of the strong ability of water to absorb microwaves Therefore, the more microwaves are absorbed in a unit with a large amount of water, the heat is evenly distributed in the surface of the pepper, there is no thermal gradient, and the quality of the pepper is not deteriorated due to excessive temperature difference, and the product quality is good.

2. Effective sterilization, mildew prevention and preservation. Microwave sterilization and enzymatic action is the result of the dual effects of thermal and biological effects of microwave electric field. Because of the low heating temperature, fast speed and short time, it can preserve the activity of materials and the vitamins, original color and nutrients in food.

3. chilimicrowave dryer adopts tunnel structure, mainly made of stainless steel plate, has strong thermal insulation performance, good working environment; small size, simple installation, easy to connect with front and rear processes, reduce labor intensity and improve Overall production efficiency.

chili microwave dryer is suitable for rapid drying of agricultural products such as pepper, vegetables, fruits, etc., and quickly evaporates most of the water in the pepper to achieve the purpose of drying the product. Because the microwave is heated evenly, the activity of the product can be preserved to a great extent, preventing nutrition. The composition is damaged, the product quality is improved, and the equipment saves energy. Compared with far-infrared heating, it is more than 30% energy-saving. It is a technologically advanced microwave drying equipment.