The Magic of Raisins

Raisins are the fruits of grapes that are dried in the sun or dried in the shade. Grape is also known as Dragon Ball. Major producers in Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong and other places. Harvest in late summer and early autumn, fresh or dehydrated. Eating a handful of raisins every day can improve anaemia due to deficiency, prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent thrombosis and help digestion of gastrointestinal tract.

The Magic of Raisins

In the processing and production of raisins, dehydration is an indispensable process after drying raisins. The microwave dehydration equipment of raisins converts electric energy into microwave energy through electrical components. The microwave dehydrator has the functions of penetration, reflection and absorption. It can instantaneously radiate through raisins and other materials to produce thermal and biological effects, and achieve the function of heating and dehydration.

The technological process of microwave dehydration equipment for raisins:

The feeding device evenly lays the material on the conveyor belt, and the conveyor system works. The material is transferred to the microwave reaction chamber. Under the action of microwave energy, it produces thermal and biological effects (dehydration and drying). The moisture is discharged from the dehumidification system. The material is conveyed from the conveyor belt to the outlet.

The Magic of Raisins

Advantages of microwave dehydration equipment for raisins:

1.Microwave dewatering equipment for raisins has short time and high speed.

2.Raisin microwave dehydrator is completely dehydrated and dried. Dehydration, sterilization, mildew prevention and insecticide can be in place in one step. The process flow time is reduced.

3.Good food quality. After microwave dehydration equipment, raisins have good taste, bright color and good sense, which can maintain the effective nutrients of raisins to the greatest extent and prolong the shelf life of products.

4.Safety and environmental protection are harmless. There is almost no microwave leakage, no harmful gases and radioactive residues.

5.Microwave raisins dehydration equipment has the advantages of simple equipment, advanced technology, convenient operation, energy saving, small area and improved working conditions.

6.Raisin dewatering equipment runs steadily and can work continuously to realize industrial production.

The Magic of Raisins


As the saying goes, concentrated is the essence, after drying, through microwave dehydration raisin equipment dehydration raisin sour sweet and delicious, is a kind of candied food that adults and children like to eat.The main nutrients in raisins can reduce the cholesterol content in human plasma, prevent cholesterol deposition in the inner wall of blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis.

To some extent, raisins can protect the cardiovascular system and avoid vascular accidents.

Raisins have excellent anti-cancer effect. Experiments have proved that raisins are rich in resveratrol because they preserve grape skins and grape seeds. They are effective substances to resist oxidizing radicals. They can prevent cell canceration and cancer cells from spreading.

Raisins are relatively low in fat, so they are not easy to gain weight. On the contrary, if the right amount of raisins can also play a role in reducing weight. If women can insist on eating a handful of raisins every day, the vitamins contained in them can repair skin and effectively resist aging.