Microwave Baking Equipment

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF The high-quality microwave baking equipment provided by Industrial Microwave Equipment is mainly used for baking, baking and curing of products such as soybeans, black beans, peanuts and barley. By uniformly heating the material, the effect of ripening baking is achieved under the direct action of the microwave electromagnetic field. And the speed is fast and efficient. Therefore, microwave baking equipment must be an amazing machine for baking whole grains and nuts! Microwave baking equipment Leader microwave baking equipment installed in Brazil Enthusiastic Brazilian customers have purchased microwave baking equipment from our factory. … Read more

Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Microwave sterilization is one of the important solutions for food sterilization and preservation. Microwave sterilization equipment appears over time. Industrial Microwave Equipment is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment. This equipment is our key product. In the past ten years, through our efforts, this machine has been sold to all parts of the world. Leader Microwave equipment in Brazil Leader Microwave equipment in Libya Why do you need microwave sterilization technology? Because food is highly susceptible to deterioration during production, storage, transportation and sales. Conventional techniques such as high … Read more

Microwave Drying Machine

Introduce Model Advantage Price Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Microwave drying machine is a new type of drying method for drying and dewatering powdery and granular materials. When dry, the microwave energy directly acts on the medium molecules to convert into heat energy, and only the electricity and water are used in the drying process, and no other coal or diesel oil is needed. For the drying of food materials, there are mainly two drying methods. One is naturally air-dried. Since natural drying is the direct use of sunlight and natural wind to dry, the temperature and humidity of the … Read more