Spring Suitable Drinking Flowers-Lily and honeysuckle tea

Lily and honeysuckle tea are common scented tea in life. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have the function of clearing the heart, removing fire in body, moistening the lung and moistening dryness. They emit unique flavor from inside and outside. As the saying goes, drinking tea in spring can alleviate spring sleepiness, scented tea is sweet and fragrant, clearing away heat and firein body, t , dispelling cold and Promoting strong, which makes people refreshed and relaxed. The most suitable scented tea in spring includes Lily tea and honeysuckle tea, of course, the combination of the two can also be.

Honeysuckle is a honeysuckle plant, which usually uses its own dried buds as medicine. Drinking tea requires drying, requiring that the original taste, original color be maintained after drying. That is, once the dried honeysuckle is boiled and blistered, its color, shape, taste and nutrient components are basically the same as fresh honeysuckle, which requires that it be dried after ripening. Therefore, most enterprises adopt microwave drying technology equipment – Microwave Lily dryer, honeysuckle dryer, to dry flowers.

Spring Suitable Drinking Flowers-Lily and honeysuckle tea

Microwave Lily drier, honeysuckle microwave dryer, is also called Lily alloy honeysuckle microwave dryer. Through microwave cyanidation and drying treatment, the product is completely insecticidal and sterilized. The product has bright color, and its chlorogenic acid content is 25% higher than that of ordinary drying. The moisture content of dried flowers was controlled in the range of 10%-15%.

Spring Suitable Drinking Flowers-Lily and honeysuckle tea

The mechanism of microwave Lily dryer honeysuckle dryer:

Microwave Camellia dryer is a microwave generator semi-microwave radiation to dry materials and penetrates into the interior of materials, which induces polar molecules such as water to rotate synchronously. For example, 915 MHz drying of vegetable products, the polar molecules in the body rotate 915 million times per second. As a result of such high-speed operation, the material instantaneously generates friction heat, resulting in the surface and interior of materials. When the temperature rises together and the internal temperature is higher than the surface of the material, a large number of water molecules escape from the material and are evaporated away, thus achieving the drying goal. At the same time, microwave energy has the characteristics of penetrating into honeysuckle and heating without high-temperature medium, which fundamentally changes the pattern of conventional heating sterilization and inactivation of enzymes depending on high-temperature medium and heat conduction mode. In view of the non-thermal effect of microwave electromagnetic field in the drying process, its power greatly shortens the sterilization time and temperature, showing that microwave sterilization is different. Advantages, conducive to the storage and packaging of honeysuckle after drying and hygienic standards. Therefore, microwave honeysuckle drying equipment should be selected.

Drying honeysuckle can thoroughly solve the shortcomings of traditional drying methods.

 Advantages of Microwave Lily Honeysuckle Drying Machinery and Equipment:

1.The honeysuckle drier is green, energy-saving and labor-saving. It does not need special supervision and has high automation. After drying, the honeysuckle retains its original color, taste and nutritional ingredients to the greatest extent.

2.The heating speed is fast. Microwave can directly heat the inside and outside of honeysuckle at the same time. It can be processed without preheating. In traditional heating process, there must be a preheating process, which saves time.

3. Microwave treatment can play a good insecticidal effect, when the moisture content is less than 12%, it is conducive to strengthening the effect of insecticidal, so that fungi in flowers do not survive and thus bring anti-fungal effect.


The microwave drying method of honeysuckle dryer with microwave Lily dryer can fully meet the needs of honeysuckle drying. It not only has high efficiency and fast drying speed, but also can better maintain the quality of honeysuckle. The color, fragrance and shape of honeysuckle can meet the requirements of high specifications. At the same time, microwave drying has unique bactericidal advantages, and dried flowers are easy to package and store. The power, time and stacking layers in microwave drying process have great influence on drying quality. Considering the quality and drying efficiency of dried flowers, the key to success of microwave drying is to select effective microwave power and optimize microwave drying process. Compared with traditional drying methods, microwave drying has the advantages of easy control, simple and convenient operation, and is not affected by nature.