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Microwave sterilization is one of the important solutions for food sterilization and preservation. Microwave sterilization equipment appears over time. Industrial Microwave Equipment is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment. This equipment is our key product. In the past ten years, through our efforts, this machine has been sold to all parts of the world.

Leader Microwave equipment in Brazil
Leader Microwave equipment in Libya

Why do you need microwave sterilization technology?

Because food is highly susceptible to deterioration during production, storage, transportation and sales. Conventional techniques such as high temperature, drying, freezing, and preservatives are required to achieve insecticidal sterilization and preservation of food, but traditional sterilization methods often affect the original flavor and nutrients of the food. Therefore, microwave sterilization can change this drawback and is a promising high-tech technology.

What’s the characteristics of microwave sterilization equipment worthy of selection?

  • 1. Microwave processing time is greatly shortened, featuring short time and fast speed.
  • 2. Our microwave sterilization equipment can be sterilized at a lower temperature to maintain the nutrient content and traditional flavor of the material.
  • 3.Our Leader Company guarantees that the microwave acts directly on the food, without additional thermal energy loss, and maximally saves energy.
  • 4. The surface and the interior are simultaneously affected, so the sterilization is uniform and fully.
  • 5. The equipment is flexible and easy to control.
  • 6, We ensure that our equipment( Whether microwave sterilization equipment or other microwave dehydration equipment to) is simple, no boiler, complex piping system.Only need the water, electricity basic conditions can be.
  • 7. Improve working conditions and save floor space.

Leader, one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, can offer different models of different powers, just to meet your requirements. These microwave sterilization equipments are of superior quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message.

10kw Microwave sterilization equipment
20KW Microwave sterilization equipment
30kw Microwave sterilization equipment
Higher power customizable


Microwave sterilization equipment detail picture

Product Specification:

Condition New Cetificate CE
Automatic rating Automatic Gurantee 12months
Production Capacity 500kg/h After-sales service Installation,Debugging,Training at customer’s factory
Place of origin Mainland China product name Microwave sterilization equipment
Brand LD control system PLC
Item no LD – 60KWV Place of delivery Jinan-Shandong-China
Voltage 220V〜380V Capacity 600-700kg/h
(W)Power 60KW Color Sliver white
(L*W*H)Size 12860 * 1060 *1750mm Weight 2T


Leader’s advantages:

  • 1. Strong research and research capabilities.
  • 2. Modern production line.
  • 3. Purchase services: professional, authoritative and considerate.
  • 4. After-sales service: responsibility.
  • 5. Leader’s footprints around the world: East Asia (Korea), Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Philippines), Central Asia (Uzbekistan), Europe (Romania, Hungary, Turkey, UK), America (Canada, Dominica, Brazil, etc.) and Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, etc.).

For manufacturers who want to sterilize food, medicine and other materials, microwave sterilization equipment is an opportunity. We sincerely hope that Leader Microwave Sterilization Equipment can help you solve the problem of food sterilization and disinfection. With the protection of the environment, our equipment will never emit any waste gas or waste water during the process. It is the leader in the new era of high technology. . If you are interested in our microwave heating equipment, you can click on it for more information. If you have any other questions about microwave sterilization, you can leave a message to us.