Microwave Drying Equipment For Agrocybe Cylindracea

As the saying goes, food is the life of the people, a meal do not eat will be hungry, so many people are foodie purely, I believe that many people like to eat mushroom food, for example agrocybe cylindracea, agrocybe cylindracea unique taste is very delicious, and often eat agrocybe cylindracea can also play the role of warming the stomach and spleen, diuretic detumescence, clear bowel defecation, especially suitable for obese people. If you want to preserve agrocybe cylindracea for a long time, you can dry it only. The equipment used is microwave drying equipment of agrocybe cylindracea produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company.

 agrocybe cylindracea

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for tea mushroom

  1. Uniform heating, consistent inside and outside

Because agrocybe cylindracea microwave drying machine uses the microwave drying method, and this microwave can directly act on the agrocybe cylindracea itself, so it will make the agrocybe cylindracea heating is very uniform, there won’t be a condition where the inside is still wet and the outside is charred already. Keep the inside and outside consistent.

  1. Heating is selective

Because the heat energy comes from the absorption of microwave by agrocybe cylindracea, the absorption is closely related to the structure of agrocybe cylindracea itself. The water will absorb a lot of heat generated by the microwave of the agrocybe cylindracea microwave drying machine, making the water become vaporized, and the mushroom body’s absorption of the microwave is weak, in this way, it can ensure that the microwave is mainly used for evaporation of water, but also make the itself not to overheat.

  1. Fast dehydration

Different from the traditional drying method, the microwave drying machine dehydrates the agrocybe cylindracea very quickly, which can be finished in a few minutes.

  1. The power consumption is small

In the process of operation, the microwave drying machine does not need too much electricity, and compared with other drying methods, can also play the role of energy saving.

  1. The equipment is small in size and easy to control

Microwave drying equipment has small size, and easy to operate, ordinary workers can also operate.

 Microwave drying equipment for agrocybe cylindracea

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for agrocybe cylindracea

Product name Drying equipment
Product usage Drying, sterilization,etc
Volume 123L
temperature 123℃
pressure 123mPa
Revolving speed 123r/min
Processing customized Yes
Microwave drying equipment yield Dry and dehydrate 30KG per hour
Overall dimensions(length x width x height) About 12140×1110×1118mm
Work environment 0~40℃、relative humidity≤80%

The dry agrocybe cylindracea

Comparison between agrocybe cylindracea microwave drying equipment and traditional drying method

The traditional drying method of agrocybe cylindracea is mostly artificial drying, but this method has many disadvantages compared with microwave drying equipment of agrocybe cylindracea.

  1. Nutrition and taste

Many people like to eat agrocybe cylindracea because of its unique taste. However, the traditional way of drying needs to be dried for a long time, which will make the taste not pure, it even appears that some agrocybe cylindracea have been dried, while others are still wet. And it will causes the loss of nutrients. The taste of agrocybe cylindracea produced by the agrocybe cylindracea microwave drying equipment is very good.

  1. Sanitary conditions

In the process of artificial drying, dust and bacteria in the outside world will quickly contact with the agrocybe cylindracea, resulting in worrying sanitary conditions. However, microwave drying equipment in the container drying, sanitary conditions are much better.

With the development of the times, our life has undergone tremendous changes, the application of microwave equipment is a good example, such as frozen shrimp microwave defrosting equipment, red dates microwave drying equipment, tremella microwave drying equipment, etc, have brought great convenience to our life.

With the progress of the society and the demand of the market, the microwave drying equipment of agrocybe cylindracea will only be more and more widely used. I believe that it will be more and more in the future, helping us to obtain greater profits!