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The high-quality microwave baking equipment provided by Industrial Microwave Equipment is mainly used for baking, baking and curing of products such as soybeans, black beans, peanuts and barley. By uniformly heating the material, the effect of ripening baking is achieved under the direct action of the microwave electromagnetic field. And the speed is fast and efficient. Therefore, microwave baking equipment must be an amazing machine for baking whole grains and nuts!

Microwave baking equipment

Leader microwave baking equipment installed in Brazil

Enthusiastic Brazilian customers have purchased microwave baking equipment from our factory. We delivered the machine during the agreed delivery period. At the same time, we sent our elite engineers to install the machine. They expressed their pleasure to choose Leader Machinery to provide the perfect service and high quality machine. In addition to Brazil, our microwave baking equipment, microwave heating machines and other equipment are exported to Mali, Algeria, India, Egypt, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria and other countries.

Brazil customer
Installation at Brazil

Features and advantages of a reasonably priced microwave baking equipment:

  • 1. High energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed.
  • 2. Our microwave equipment can effectively maintain the original flavor and nutrients of the food, without changing the color and shape of the food, and improve the grade of the product.
  • 3. The dual effects of the thermal and non-thermal effects of microwaves have bactericidal effects.
  • 4. The puffing effect is good.
  • 5. A multi-purpose machine. The power control, temperature, speed and other parameters of the microwave oven can be adjusted through the equipment control panel to realize different processing technologies such as heating, thawing, baking, drying, sterilization (pest control), curing, and puffing.
  • 6. Environmental protection, energy saving and sanitation. Meet the testing standards for food hygiene.

As one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, our Leader can provide you with different models of different power. Of course, we can customize the microwave baking equipment according to your requirements. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message.

12kw Microwave baking equipment
30kw Microwave baking equipment
50kw Microwave baking equipment
higher power microwave baking equipment are Customizable

Product Specification:

Model DL-12 KW DL-30KW DL-50KW DL-80KW
Microwave frequency 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz 2450/915MHz
Output Power 12KW 30KW 50KW 80KW
Drive speed 0-5m /minute(Adjustable) 0-5m /minute(Adjustable) 0-5m /minute(Adjustable) 0-5m /minute(Adjustable)
Leakage value ≤3mw/m³ ≤3mw/m³ ≤3mw/m³ ≤3mw/m³
Size 7000x840x1800mm 10500x840x1800mm 12500x1200x1800mm 15000x1400x1800mm
Baking Capacity 120-150kg/hour 300-400kg/hour 500-600kg/hour 800-1000kg/hour

Why are microwave baking equipment so popular in the market?

Here we list some reasons. Moreover, for these reasons, you will find that microwave equipment such as microwave baking equipment and microwave sterilization equipment are definitely worth buying.

Wide range of applications: walnuts, peanuts (peanuts), hazelnuts, almonds (shell apricots), pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, all kinds of melon seeds, chestnuts, camphor, raisins, lotus seeds, red dates and other agricultural products .

Advanced equipment: Compared with traditional baking equipment, the production environment has improved, product quality has improved, and production efficiency has improved. Moreover, it has the functions of insecticide and sterilization.

Environmental protection: The equipment only needs to use water and electricity during the use, and it will not discharge exhaust gas or waste water during the whole work process.

Microwave baking equipment material picture

As one of the top suppliers of microwave equipment suppliers, our Leader Machinery microwave baking equipment uses advanced technology and high quality materials. Therefore, it has a long service life. At the same time, our machines can be tailored to your productivity needs. If you purchase any of our microwave equipment, we will send technicians on-site guidance, provide hands-on training and maintenance, regular phone calls, emails, door-to-door visits and satisfaction surveys. If you need a machine, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!