Development of Microwave Drying Equipment for Wood

With the continuous increase of domestic wood consumption, China’s wood drying industry is booming, wood drying technology and wood drying equipment market is changing with each passing day. New drying equipment constantly appear and obtain good application effect, microwave drying equipment is a new type of drying equipment, such as vegetable microwave drying equipment, green tea microwave drying equipment, dry fruit microwave drying equipment, wood microwave drying equipment, once appeared, widely recognized, and get good praise!

Microwave drying equipment for wood

How to choose wood drying equipment? Leader Microwave Equipment Company research and development of wood microwave drying equipment is a good choice. The equipment utilizes reverse carnot cycle principle, combines frequency conversion technology and intelligent control technology, accurately controls temperature and humidity, improves wood yield, reduces energy consumption, saves investment cost and operating expenses, and reduces labor intensity. And the drying processing period of wood shortens, make the whole quality of wood went up a step, superiority is self-evident.

Advantages of wood microwave drying equipment

  1. The speed is fast

Microwave drying because of its unique advantages, wood microwave dryer is direct drying of wood, drying speed is very fast.

  1. High efficiency

Wood microwave drying equipment using advanced technology, exquisite technology, improve the rate of wood products, high efficiency.

  1. Good quality

The deformation and cracking of wood in the conventional drying process is caused by uneven fiber shrinkage after wood water loss. The wood microwave drying machine can overcome this problem and the wood quality after drying is good.

  1. Save the wood

In natural drying, wood scrap is quite serious due to deformation, cracking and mildewed metamorphism. Using wood microwave dryer, the utilization rate of wood can be increased by at least 5%, and the cycle of wood use can be accelerated.

  1. Save space

Since natural drying of wood takes up to a year or even several years, it is necessary to store a large amount of wood for turnover in order to maintain the normal production, which not only occupies a large site but also needs to be exposed to the sun frequently. After microwave drying, the wet wood can be dried in time, which reduces the occupation of the site.

  1. Kill woodworm

Woodworm eggs are mostly hidden in the wood, becoming adults will destroy the appearance and use value of furniture, wood microwave drying sterilization machine in the drying process, can kill its internal eggs, larvae. The wood quality after such drying is good, without moth, the furniture that uses microwave sterilization equipment to make or other things, appearance is beautiful, quality is good, use value also rises greatly.


Technical parameters of wood microwave drying equipment

Model DL-052 Height of inlet and outlet 60mm
Frequency 2450±50MHz Transmission band width 700mm
Rated input apparent power ≤100KVA Transmission rate 0.5~5m/min
Microwave output power ≥70KW(Adjustable) Dimensions 17800*1100*1650 mm
Working environment —5~60℃ Yield The dewatering rate is 70kg per hour

Working principle of wood microwave drying equipment

The working principle of microwave drying equipment is to improve the temperature of materials by using microwave penetrating heating, so that the water in materials vaporizes and evaporates. The evaporated water vapor is discharged by the moisture removal system to achieve the purpose of drying wood.

schematic diagram

With the rapid development of economy, wood microwave drying equipment will be more and more widely used, and more efficient than traditional drying equipment. In the future development, will be able to show its advantages, for the realization of sustainable development to contribute a force!