Chicken Leg Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Believe a lot of people like to eat chicken leg very much, decoct, roast, boil and fry are all very delicious, let a person drool over one’s mouth, eat chicken leg also has very much benefit, can warm invigorating beneficial gas, protect cardiovascular, strong body, so the benefit is very much. The chicken leg is usually frozen during transportation. This will extend the shelf life, so before eating sterilization is a problem, how to sterilize the chicken leg? The chicken leg microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can effectively help us.

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Advantages of chicken leg microwave sterilization equipment

  1. Fast sterilization

Using a chicken leg microwave sterilizer usually takes only a few minutes to sterilize, while traditional methods take much longer.

  1. Energy saving and high efficiency

In the use of the chicken leg microwave sterilization machine only use a small amount of electricity, will not waste the rest of the energy, really achieve energy saving and efficient, to a certain extent can reduce the production cost.

  1. Good production environment

The most important thing for food is hygiene, and only when there is hygiene can there be taste and other standards. The sterilization process of microwave sterilization machine is completed in stainless steel containers, which is very clean and sanitary, and the production environment is very good.

  1. Simple equipment and advanced technology

The composition of microwave sterilization machine is relatively simple, so the operation is very simple too, one person can easily operate, industry is very advanced.

  1. Double sterilization

Different from the traditional way of sterilization, microwave sterilization equipment is used in the way of double sterilization, mainly through the thermal effect of electromagnetic field and biological effect together, so that the sterilization is more thorough, make chicken legs more sanitary.

Chicken leg microwave sterilization equipment

Chicken leg microwave sterilization equipment model and technical parameters

Type DL-001 DL-002 DL-003
Power 20KW 40KW 60KW
Equipment operating power Three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Environmental temperature 5~40℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Microwave power 20KW(Adjustable)
Yield About 300kg/hr
Temperature 60-120degree(Adjustable and controllable)
Transmission band width 750mm
Transmission rate 0~5 m/min(Frequency conversion)
Mode of production Continuous in and out material production
Equipment material The whole machine is made of stainless steel
Dimensions(Length x width x height) About 8200×1360×1750mm

Microwave sterilizing equipment

Differences between chicken legs microwave sterilization equipment and traditional sterilization methods for chicken legs:

The traditional sterilization is heating sterilization, compared with microwave sterilization, there are many disadvantages.

  1. Sanitary conditions

The traditional heating sterilization method cannot guarantee the health condition of chicken legs, because manual intervention cannot be avoided, while microwave sterilization is carried out in stainless steel containers, so it is very clean and sanitary.

  1. Sterilizing efficiency

Microwave sterilizing equipment only takes a few minutes to sterilize, and can also complete the defrosting of chicken legs, but the heating method is time-consuming and inefficient.

  1. Nutrition and taste

Microwave sterilization equipment can be completed in a few minutes of sterilization, retaining the nutrition of chicken legs, taste is very good, and the traditional sterilization method makes chicken legs after heating, will cause the loss of nutrition and taste changes, affecting the sale.

With chicken leg microwave sterilization equipment inseparable, there are frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, these equipment are the model of microwave technology application. With the increasing market demand for chicken legs, chicken legs microwave sterilization equipment demand is also more and more extensive, I believe that as long as we ride the wings of science and technology, the future life will be more and more beautiful!