Microwave Dehydration Equipment

1. Microwave dehydration equipment is fast, efficient, reasonable price and moderately good.

2. The microwave dehydrator has the performance of sterilization and sterilization.

3. The working process has a low temperature and can maintain the original ingredients in the material.

Microwave sterilization equipment can be completed in a few minutes of sterilization, retaining the nutrition of chicken legs, taste is very good, and the traditional sterilization method makes chicken legs after heating, will cause the loss of nutrition and taste changes, affecting the sale.
Many people like to eat agrocybe cylindracea because of its unique taste. However, the traditional way of drying needs to be dried for a long time, which will make the taste not pure, it even appears that some agrocybe cylindracea have been dried, while others are still wet. And it will causes the loss of nutrients. The taste of agrocybe cylindracea produced by the agrocybe cylindracea microwave drying equipment is very good.

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